I pursued a degree in Computer Sciences at the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina). My PhD thesis, presented in 2008, was a collaboration between the Departments of Computer Science and Geology at the same University. The main topic was the design and implementation of numerical thermo-mechanical models for the simulation of geodynamic processes.


As a postdoctoral researcher in Geophysics, I have worked in the Laboratory of Andean Tectonics (Univ. of Buenos Aires) and at the Geodynamical Modelling Section of the GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam. The main research topic was the lithospheric deformation on subduction zones.

Present activities

In parallel to my research activities, I work since 2013 at GEOFON (GFZ) as Data Centre Manager, where I’m in charge of the design and development of new protocols and services for the seismological community. I’m very active in the seismological community, being currently the Chair of the Working Group II of the FDSN. Until some months ago I was also Chair of the EIDA Technical Committee (2017-2019).


Teaching and supervising experience

Research Interests