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I work as Data Centre Manager and researcher at GEOFON (seismological data centre at GFZ), where I design and develop new protocols and services for the seismological community.

As part of my activities within Seismology I’m currently Chair of the Working Group II of the FDSN and until some months ago I was also Chair of the EIDA Technical Committee (2017-2019).

I collaborate regularly with various groups of the Research Data Alliance (RDA). Currently, we are wrapping up the activities done at the Research Data Collections WG in a document with Recommendations on Research Data Collections

As a postdoctoral researcher in Geophysics I worked many years at the Geodynamic Modelling Section of GFZ. And I still keep doing research as a part-time activity. My main research topic is the lithospheric deformation on subduction zones and the thermo-mechanical modelling for different scientific disciplines.

For more information you can check out my academic Resume, download the full CV in PDF format, or check my Google Scholar profile.

I developed and maintain some software projects which you can find interesting.

Contact me on Instagram as aboutjavier or per email either to my personal email account javier (at) or my work account javier (at)