And finally I decided to go for longer distances and the next available (and reasonable) challenge was the Half Marathon 2018 Berlin.

After eight weeks of preparation I was almost ready. Yes, almost because I was sick for two weeks just a few days before the race. I left the decision open until the last minute. On the morning I had to run I felt completely recovered and was there for the start.

There were so many persons registered (ca. 34.000) that I had to cross the start only some minutes before the race actually ended! Guess where I was when the elite runners started… Having breakfast at a Café in Alexander Platz with all my running clothes in a bag. Unbelievable!

The course was impressive and gave the opportunity to explore the city (West and East, not like the last time) from a different perspective.

And despite being unable to train in the last couple of weeks my time was pretty acceptable ;-)

Race Course - Half Marathon 2018 - Berlin